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Name:                                                     Dr Gabrielle Gregory

Career Emphasis:

Forensic Psychology Practice

Consultancy, Assessment, Therapy,

Service Development, Research and Training.

Comprehensive Psychological Reporting:

- Child and Adult Assessments.

- Child and Family Proceedings.

- Criminal Proceedings.

- Offender Risk Assessment and Treatment.

- Clinical Assessment.

Telephone Number:                        01905 797139

E-mail Address:                      

Main Interests for Assessment:

Family dynamics and attachment

Trauma work with Children and Adolescents


Parental Alienation

Domestic violence

Substance use

Sexual offending

Personality disorders

Intellectual / Capacity

Treatment analysis and needs 

Relevant Qualifications: Awarded/Conferred



Beginning with A – ADOS-2 Update and ADI-R Clinical Combo – Autism Training 2019


Child Attachment Interview Training – Understanding and accessing children’s mental representations of attachment figures and significant others 2018


Assessing Men in Child Protection Contexts who Sexually Abuse 2018


SSAP - The Story Stem Assessment Profile - Understanding a child’s behaviour and ways of thinking and feeling in his or her close relationships 2017



Trauma-Focussed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (TF-CBT) for Children and Young People with (PTSD) 2017



DDP – Attachment based psychotherapy with looked after children and carers 2016



ADOS-2 – Assessment of autism in children and adults 2015



Cross cultural family assessments 2014



Cognitive assessments of children 2014



Practitioner certificate in CBT 2013



British Psychological Society – Directory of Expert Witnesses 2013



Coventry University, Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences – Honorary Lecturer 2012



British Psychological Society – Practising Certificate 2008



British Psychological Society – Faculty for Children, Young People & their Families 2008



British Psychological Society – Register of Chartered Forensic Psychologists 2008

Related Professional Affiliations/Memberships:



British Association for Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN)



National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA)



British Psychological Society (BPS)



British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP)



British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP)

Special Interest Group – Child & Adolescents



National Expert Witness Agency (NEWA)

Occupational History:



Gregory Psychological Services Limited

Private Psychology Practice (Forensic & Clinical)

MD/Chartered Psychologist

2012 – Present



Wilcox Psychological Associates Ltd,




Private Psychology Practice (Forensic & Clinical)


March 2010 – 2012



National Category A Review Team,

HMPS, National.



Chartered Psychologist

Prison Service

2008 – 2011



HMP Long Lartin,




Prison Service

Risk Assessment

(Violent, Sexual & Personality Disordered Offenders)

Chartered Psychologist

2009 – 2011



HMP Long Lartin,




National Trainer FOCUS Programme

Chartered Psychologist




HMP Long Lartin,




FOCUS Programme

Treatment Manager (Drug & Alcohol Use)

Chartered Psychologist

2006 – 2009



HMP Long Lartin,




FOCUS Programme

Programme Facilitator (Drug & Alcohol Use)

Trainee Psychologist

2005 – 2009



West Midlands Probation,





Young Adult Sex Offender

Programme Facilitator

2003 – 2004



Woodbourne Priory Clinic,




Private Psychiatric Hospital (Acute Mental Health)

Adolescent Unit


2002 – 2004



Woodbourne Priory Clinic,




Private Psychiatric Hospital (Acute Mental Health)

Eating Disorder Specialist

1999 – 2002



Woodbourne Priory Clinic,




Private Psychiatric Hospital (Acute Mental Health)


1998 – 1999

Educational Background:

University of Birmingham,                                                                       Forensic Psychology Doctorate


School of Psychology                                                                                 Graduated 2008

Edgbaston, Birmingham

University of Birmingham,                                                                      Bachelor of Science

with Honors Degree (B.Sc., Hons.)

School of Psychology                                                                                 Graduated 2002

Edgbaston, Birmingham


A retrospective evaluation into the initial psychometric profiles of individuals who participated in a Young Adult Sex Offender Treatment Programme (2004).

An Investigation into violence within a High Security Prison: Extent and Predictor Variables (2008).

Professional Publications:

Gregory, G. & Palmer, J. (in press). [Review of the book: Sibling aggression: assessment and treatment, by J. Caspi]. Child Abuse Review.

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